The papers on psychoanalysis here from ‘Synthesis in the Imagination’ (1987) aim to integrate analytic theory with developmental psychology, and those from ‘Evolution, Emotion and Conflict (2003) to include evolution and neuroscience as well.   Those after ‘Psychoanalysis, Representation and Neuroscience’ (2012) make use the notion of free energy. There is a general introduction to this in sections 2 to 5 of ‘Kantian Neuroscience and Radical Interpretation (2013).

As illustrated in ‘Psychoanalysis, Philosophical Issues’ (2013) and ‘The significance of Consilience’ (2014), this enables us to apply an Bayesian account of confirmation and disconfirmation both to interpretive psychoanalysis and the empirical disciplines closely related to it, and also, via the maximisation of evidential support that goes with the minimisation of free energy, to the working of the brain itself.

The notion of free energy also casts light on topics in earlier papers, including the role of the metaphor of the mind as a container as discussed in ‘Psychoanalysis, Metaphor and the Concept of Mind’ (2000) and the traditional problem of consciousness, as discussed in ‘The Problem of Consciousness and the Innerness of the Mind’ (2007).

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